Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Wonderful tourist attraction of turkey is Sultan Ahmed Mosque usually known as Blue Mosque. A wonderful architecture of ottomons

One of the most attraction in Istanbul, Turkey is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, usually known as Blue Mosque. Approx 21,000 tiles used which are blue, to decorate the interior attract the visitors every day. It was built during the reign of Ahmed I, sometime in the 1609 to 1616. Still they are using it for their worship purpose. Other than that, it also features the founder’s tomb and a hospice.

Magnificent Blue Mosque:

You’ll surely be impressed with the design, which is said to be “the culmination of two centuries of Ottoman mosque development”. Having 8 Domes and 6 Minarets. Sultan Ahmed wish was to built a worship place for Muslims which looks attractive as well as historic then Hagia Sophia, and the impressive mosque is the result known as Blue Mosque.

The Muezzin in Sultan Ahmed Mosque:

At that time, the muezzin, or prayer caller, had to climb the minarets’ narrow spiral staircases six times a day to announce the call to prayer. Today, a PA system does all the hard work.

Incredible Architecture:

Construction began in 1609 and was completed in 1616. It was built during the reign of Ahmed I. Sultan Ahmed completed the mosque to reestablish the power of Ottomans. Interior and the incredible architecture, give this mosque the title of “last great mosque of the classical period”.

What To Wear

Simple rules to follow to visit any mosque in the world specially in Turkey.: no shoes, no hair, no skin.

  • A bag given to store your sneakers and ladies given a head covering to hide their hairs.
  • Wrapping yourself in Blanket is not a good idea bring your own scarf to cover head.
  • Bare Shoulders and Legs which must be covered show respect in mosque cover yourself according to religion Islam.

Clothing Manner for Blue Mosque:

Clothing Manner for Blue Mosque TwoClock

Clothing Manner for Blue Mosque

We’ll close on another great people watching moment inside the Blue Mosque: seeing dudes in shorts wearing the public head coverings as makeshift skirts to hide their bare legs.

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