Roadside Barriers Technology – Avoid Roadside Accidents

Video Preview Available. Roadside barrier technology to save humanity. New type of barriers on the side of road to save accidental emergency.

Engineers and technicians are constantly looking for creative ways to save humanity. Sometime roadside accidents are one of the main cause of death. While surfing on YouTube, we found a new technique engineers adopt to save life and vehicles from accidents.

Usually, Metallic barriers installed on the side of roads. They provide safety of collision with walls and side trees on roads. Sometime you’re heading towards your destination suddenly hit breaks, the consequences can be serious.

Video: Amazing Roadside Barriers

Metallic columns with Plastic rollers are installed on the side of the road. The Metal parts absorbs the force impact of vehicle hitting to barrier. While the rollers begin to roll, reduce the impact of vehicle turn over. These barriers Reduce the potential damage to the car. However it saves the life  and vehicle from serious damage.

About Roadside Barriers Company:

ETI – South Korean Company, advancing technology to avoid accidents on road. They introduce new barriers to avoid accidents. These barriers are designed with special flexible material, reduce the chances of accidents and injuries.

However Car Airbag installed inside the car, perfect to save lives but not the vehicle. Barriers are example of saving vehicle and human from serious.

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