Backup MySql Database using cPanel – phpMyAdmin Backup

Backup your MySQL database using phpmyadmin from cPanel. Screenshot and a video tutorial for backup your MySQL database.

Backup MySQL database using cPanel is one of the responsible work. Maybe a single wrong click can lead you to big lose. Here is the simple tutorial on how to backup MySQL database using cPanel. Make sure you have access to cPanel (read in the last how to open cPanel).

  1. Login to your cPanel, scroll down to database section.
  2. Click on phpMyAdmin, it will open in new window.

    cpanel database phpmyadmin twoclock

    Database section of the cPanel to open phpMyAdmin

  3. Select the database you want to backup, i choose first one.

    Database selection in cPanel

    Database selection in cPanel

  4. Make sure the database you want to backup is selected and will appear here in the screenshot selection.
  5. Click on Export Button. In the see below in screenshot, click Go to download the backup of your database from cPanel.

    Exporting PhpMyAdmin Database using cPanel

    Exporting PhpMyAdmin Database using cPanel

Open cPanel for MySQL Database Backup:

Suppose you have a website (e.g. You have multiple possibility to open the cPanel of your domain.

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