Backup All MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin XAMPP

Want a full backup of mySQL databases in 1 go without making one by one database backup turn your another computer a phpMyAdmin, Administrator by making full backup of databases in minutes.

May be you read the last article which was based on database backup in your phpMyAdmin but single database at a time here is the link on How to take phpMyAdmin database Backup. But for Now here you will read about how to Backup all MySQL databases in XAMPP but in single go Sounds like good right?. Yes because, we was searching too for a useful solution but didn’t get any. So may be you are searching for something to backup full MySQL database backup.

Transfer All XAMPP MySQL Databases to other PC

If you are searching the above term you are at right place. Simple solution called Directory Copy.

  1. Go to your XAMPP installed directory where it is installed. C Drive and XAMPP folder.
  2. Now you have to copy a folder in my Case my folder located at.
    C: > XAMPP > MySQL  and then Copy the Data folder.
  3. Paste that Data folder in your new Computer.
  4. You’re done it’s the best way to backup whole XAMPP databases at once.
Backup All Mysql Databases PHPmyAdmin Xampp

Backup All MySQL Databases phpMyAdmin XAMPP

This above method will work successfully. The problem occurs when i want to transfer my whole MySQL databases to another PC which was quite difficult to backup one by one and creating database. Then try this way which helps me to migrate my whole MySQL databases to another PC successfully without doing individual backup of every database and it’s tables.

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