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Axis gear motorize your window shades by Axis Life give you synchronization with smart phones and devices. They can operate by weather itself.

Smart devices and appliances played luxurious role in our life. Axis Gear shades are motorize window shades and can be controlled by our smart phones/devices or by weather itself. They are energy saving as well as smart controllable. Beside manually controllable shades axis makes your life easier with extra synchronized capabilities. Axis Gear is one of the most smart gadget made ever that can motorize your windows shades, blinds, or curtains according to your mood. If you are not engaged with the room it will synchronize with weather outside.

Motorize Window Shades

Wake up Naturally to Sunshine

Axis Gear work perfect with beaded chain or cord loop. Beside of length, material or diameter,  Installation of Axis Gear is of DIY and can be done in minutes. After fixing you can connect it with mobile device, so you can easily control your blinds, curtains or shades remotely. Multiple shades or units can be controlled using a single Axis Gear. Motor in it can handle 20lb (approx 9 kg), which is more than enough to handle everything up to large floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Video preview of Axis Gear Motorize Window Shades

Sources: Axis Life , Indiegogo

Axis Gear is currently funding on Indiegogo, having raised 64 percent of itsUS$100,000 goal in 16 days, with another 14 days left to go. A pledge of $95 gets you one Axis Gear, saving $50 off the aplanned retail price. The ZigBee/Thread modules can be added on for an additional $20.

Axis Gear company itself set with suppliers and manufacturers. They still needs to checkout the perfection of tooling and molding with design and user friendly equipment. If the schedule goes according to plan, backers can expect shipments of Axis Gear to start sometime next October.

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