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Auto Share Blogger Post on Google Plus

Sharing blogger post after posting will increase your visitors and gives you boost by giving you extra and legit traffic towards your blog. Do share your post after blogging or posting.

Sharing single post separately is annoying. Google Blogger facilitate user to auto share their post after publishing a post. Learn how to enable the option to Auto share Blogger Post on Google Plus. Read more about sharing a post on Google+ at Official help page.

Benefits of Google Plus Sharing
Social Media engage audience with your blog but Google plus prefer your blog to Google circle list first. Suppose you publish a post. A person logged in Google and he is in your circle if he searches something his keyword matches the criteria then google shows your blog post first to visit. Helps you to build audience and build back linking powerful.

Enabling Auto Share Blogger Post on Google

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard and select your blog, you want to enable Auto Sharing.
  • Click on Google Plus on the Left Sidebar.

    Google Plus Option in Blogger TwoClock.com

    Google Plus in Blogger

  • Select Automatically share after Posting check box.

    Automatically Share Blog Post on Google Plus TwoClock.com

    Automatically Share Blog Post on Google Plus

  • If you want to write some text in the status while sharing the post then check the box which say Prompt to share after posting.

Auto share blogger post on google plus is easy and simple task to achieve just some click can give you boost in your website and helps you to build your audience towards your blog. Sharing is caring so do care us.

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