APPLE WATCH 2 – Rumors of Apple Wearable Watch in 2016

Upcoming wearable gadget from Apple Gives higher resolution and OGS (one glass solution). Pricing is lower then older watch from Apple.

Apple Watch 2, plan to release in September, as Apple releasing iPhone 7 on 9th September. New Apple watch which is categorized as wearable smart devices is rumored to have lighter, thinner and will have new display technology.

According to sources, the new Apple Watch will sport what is called a One Glass Solution (OGS) as opposed to the Glass-on-Glass (G/G) on the older model. This will give it a much thinner profile than the current Apple Watch, as well as making it lighter.

Apple Watch 2 TwoClock

Apple Watch 2

Display: Micro LED display will replaced the older AMOLED display, but that’s not likely to be introduced in the Apple Watch family until 2017. Micro LED display have color clarity and have greater resolution to enhanced the display capability.

Apple watch will have Facetime camera, a GPS (for fitness tracking). Fastest mobile internet capability will enhanced by an S2 processor and LTE capability. Watch will be operate with the help of watch OS3.

Video Preview of Apple Watch 2

Pricing Competition of Apple Watch 2

Price of Apple watch cut off from  $249 to $199, that Apple Watch 1 was launched at before Black Friday discounts and a subsequent announcement from the company officially made it $199. Market competition will be seen at this price. Larger market for the Apple Watch, which it sorely needs.

With a drop of sales in Apple products over the past two quarters, Apple needs to make some affordable products for a wider market. The iPhone SE was so successful that supply is unable to meet demand, and we think Apple has found a new product in market.

Until now, only premium buyers have been supporting their products. After this watch Apple likely to grow their sales and revenues. At a time when Apple’s market respect as the most valuable company in the world is losing its shine, they need a much larger presence. If Apple decreases their prices too much then they’ll start stepping into Samsung’s high-end market. The Korean company isn’t going to sit by and watch their market share be eroded, so this will be a good battle to watch if that ever happens.


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