Air Koryo – Fly with World Worst Airline

Experience a travel in world best Airlines. What if you encountered with world worst airline ? Read the article on how Air Koryo considered a worst airline.

World of best airlines available in every country. The 5 star awards given to Airlines  because of  their contributions and services for passengers. Feeling Wonder after reading the title of the article? yes this is true. If you want to travel with the worst airline then book a ticket at Air Koryo – Fly with World Worst Airline.

The Worst Airline  award given to the Air Koryo of North Korea. They team who choose airline rating give Air Koryo single star. Any worst category available will be given to this airline for it’s worst services for passengers.

There are number of reasons available to describe the poorest quality, but the whole journey you have to watch the images of Kim Jong the North Korean president images on the seat screens.

Air Koryo World Worst Airline TwoClock

Air Koryo World Worst Airline TwoClock

Music in Air Koryo:

Music are available in Air Koryo but due to poorest quality and lowest rating airline, you have to listen the Kim Jong favorite music. Music series consist of National Anthem and you are not allowed to stop it. You are bound to listen North Korea National Anthem.

Food in Flights:

5 Star airlines happy their passengers by giving them a lunch or dinner which is healthier for them. In Flight you will be given a meat burger which is just dry. The menu of food is the tradition from years.

Reliability of  Planes:

Flight are so old, which is not a good idea to travel with them. If you want to be safe during traveling, travel with your  own risk.



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