How to Add WordPress Widgets in Post and Page Content

Adding widgets inside your wordpress pages and posts learn how to optimize your page by adding widgets in post and pages.

Widgets in WordPress is a way of drag and drop blogging or development. Widgets make it easy for users to simply drag and drop items into their WordPress site. When your WordPress website has a powerful functionality to add widget inside posts and pages then it would be an honor for you to add anything between posts like related posts widget, Links, Google Adsense or desired texts. WordPress plugins helps too much by adding extra ability without writing a single line of code. Learn how to Add WordPress widgets in posts and Page Content.

  • Firstly you need to Download and activate the plugin Amr Shortcode any Widget.
  • Once you activate the plugin, go to Appearance » Widgets. Next, drag and drop the widgets you want to display in your post or page into the Shortcodes sidebar.

    Amr ShortCode Widget TwoClock

    Amr ShortCode Widget

  • Drag Pages and calendar widget in the AMR sidebar to try it.

After adding them to the sidebar of the Amr ShortCode any widget. You can add them inside your posts or pages. Try it by going to post or page write  [do_widget widgetname]. For example:

[do_widget calendar]
[do_widget pages]

If the widget name has space in it, then you need to add widget name in quotes like this:

[do_widget "recent posts"]

That’s it. Now you can add WordPress widgets in your post and page content. Most widgets have titles, but if you don’t want to display them, then use this tutorial on how to hide widget titles.


May be the widget will not show up don’t confuse then you have to get the ID of the widget in the shortcode.

  •  First you need to ensure that you drop the correct widget in the sidebar.
  • After that make sure if there is space in the widget name you enclose in quotes.
  • After publishing make sure widget is showing up or not.

Debug the Information:

Publish that post/page and open it in a new browser window. Add the following string at the end of the page URL like this:

It will show you debug information with widget IDs. Look for widget ids under the Shortcodes Sidebar.

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