Add MP3 Music Player in Blogger – Gadget & Post

Music player inside blogger blog is one of the engaging task to draw the attention of the visitor. Learn how to add music player in blogger gadget & Post. Make entertainment music website using blogger.

Adding an mp3 player to blogger becomes easy after HTML5 release. A light weight web music player with capability of audio controls and playback. Make music sharing website with Blogger and add HTML5 audio player in blog. Embed an audio player to blogger post for music sharing. Learn how to add music player in blogger Gadget.

When Words Fail Music Speaks. Energetic music can boost blogs visitors.

Add Music Player to Blogger Post:

HTML5  player has a vast variety of controls (play, pause, volume, seek bar). Below are the steps on how to embed Mp3 Music Player in blog posts.

  • Login to your Blogger Account and click on New Post.
  • Your interface  will be opened for creating post.
  • Click on HTML tab see in screenshot.
  • Mp3 player-to Blogger via HTML5

    Mp3 player-to Blogger via HTML5

  • Now paste the below music player code to your edit box.

Mp3 Player HTML5:

<audio controls="">
  <source src="your_Song_URL" type="audio/mpeg">

Change your_Song_URL with proper mp3 song URL. See the Demo of Music Player in Blogger Posts.

Background music can also boost your traffic. Either a visitor will engage with website by music. Keep them stay connected helps to reduce bounce rate of website.

Music Player in Sidebar Gadgets:

You can choice yourself where to add your melody player in blog. You can add music player in blog post described above. Either you can add Music player gadget in blogger sidebar. Steps to add music player in sidebar of your blogspot blog.

  • Open your blog and click on Layout in the sidebar.
  • Click on Add a Gadget in the sidebar and select HTML/JavaScript element.

    HTML/Javascript Gadget Blogger

    HTML Gadget for music player – Blogger

  • Paste the below code to add a mp3 music player in sidebar. Change your_Song_URL with proper mp3 song URL.
<audio controls="">
  <source src="your_Song_URL" autoplay="true" type="audio/mpeg">

Note: if you want song or music never play automatically, set autoplay="false".



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