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Add Bing Map in WordPress. But we attach a small guide to embed or add it in your website or Blogger too. But the great thing is that we can embed it using a little piece of code and flexible with our tip for iframe width. Read it Now.

Recently one of our client ask us is it possible to Embed Bing Map in WordPress. We do their work but thinks let’s write on this topic how to add Bing Map in WordPress. Usually a Map indicate where you are located or where is your location. So in this article you will learn how to Embed a Bing Map in Website or WordPress.

First you need to know you can add Google Maps. Because a lot of Android users use it. Know How to Add Google Maps in Your WordPress or Website.

Add Bing Map in WordPress without Plugin

  1. First of all Open Maps Website of Bing. Search for location or your business name.
  2. Lets Suppose i search for Burj Khalifa. it shows me the location then press share.

    Add Bing Map in Website WordPress

    Add Bing Map in Website WordPress

  3. After click on share button a popup will show copy the code showing in Embed in a Web Page.

    Share Bing Map in WordPress Blog

    Share Bing Map in WordPress Blog

  4. Click on your WordPress text view and paste the code.

Tip for Width and Height.

To adjust the width and height instead of 500 or any figure you can use 100% to adjust it correctly on any device. But you must give height in figures like Width=”100%” and height=”400″. Because i frame may break apart your layout.

How to Customize Map

Customization of map is easy. Where customization includes Width, Height, Static or Draggable map. View how it’s shown to the user. Map links will be removed too.

  • Customize your height and width so it can easily adjust on Mobile Devices.
  • Don’t make it static map because user will stay when he drag and see the locations.
  • Choose the simple map because normal view is better then Aerial View.
  • Don’t remove the links too like Birds View, or Larger map.

Embed Map using Plugin

If you are using a Directory or anything which needs maps often to add by you or user. Then it’s necessary to use a plugin, which allows you to add Bing map inside your editor. Plugin name is Leaflet Maps Marker, allows you to embed. For this purpose install plugin and activate it but you need Bing Map API Key.

Add Bing Map in Blogger

This is simple too to Embed Bing map in Blogger. Just you have to copy the code and same like you do in WordPress Paste the code in HTML View of Blogger. Pretty Good and easy to embed.

Add Bing Map in Website

Bing Facility is made for Websites too. If you are running any directory website or any other then simply you can use Bing Maps API to embed smart maps in your website. Here is the Bing Maps Portal.

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