Add Auto Refresh in Blogger – Meta Page Refresh

Adding auto page refresh in blogger to create more page views and generate more visitors views. Decrease your bounce rate with simple refresh in Blogger.

Tired of High Traffic but less page views of your website. The issue face by numbers of people, having great traffic but less page views let their bounce rate increased.If the same problem persist then you’re standing at right article. Read the whole page on “How to Add Auto Refresh in Blogger” to increase page views.

Why Less Page View or Bounce Rate:

A number of reasons for less page views. May be content or article you wrote is not user friendly. The user who is landing on your page doesn’t found his desired material. May be irrelevant links attached to it. It can cause numbers of style and usability issue. Technical details apart write engaging content which can attract visitor.

Add Auto Refresh in Blogger

  1. Go to your Blog Dashboard and Click on Template at Left side.
  2. Click on Edit HTML and and let it load.
  3. Click on your Code Box and Press Ctrl+F. Search for the Code <head>.
  4. Just before head tag paste this meta page refresh code.
     <meta content='120' http-equiv='refresh'/>
  5. Click Save Template and you’re done adding auto refresh in blogger.

Note: 120 is the seconds it means 2 minutes. It depends on you after how many minutes you want to refresh.

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