Twoclock is serving from two years thanks for your support. TwoClock is not belong to a group of people or a team. Before the launch of website I was serving on blogger.

Twoclock website is started on October 12, 2015 by AHP. Twoclock has number of features and serving in many categories. Here you can explore number of categories.

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About Author:

Well my name is Altaf Hussain Patel (AHP) from Karachi, Pakistan. Passionate for Web Design, Blogging & loves creativity. Student of BS Computer Science from Virtual University. I love to create stunning websites and love to work in this field because it’s colorful world. Also make a lot of websites you can visit my Personal Portfolio Website Here. In this website there are a lot of helpful material which lead you through success.

Interest area in this blog is Blogger Tutorials,Which i used most of the time and there are log of Blogs. Website and Design, WordPress, which is my key feature to write on these topics as it concern to my job. Travel & Tourism, I work on a website about Travel so i fall in love with.

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I added contact us page also i am leaving email address at the bottom of the page. Do not spam me please. As usual you can request any tutorial or any help without hesitation.

Email: altafhpatel@gmail.com
Web.: altafhpatel.twoclock.com