IP Logging – User IP Address Contact Form 7

Recently we installed a Contact Form 7 plugin on a website. They have a requirement of IP address  logging to prevent spam as well as for record keeping. Learn how to log the user IP address in contact form 7.   IP Address in Contact Form 7: Open your desired contact form 7 you want […]

manually backup wordpress files database twoclock

Backup WordPress Files & Database – How to

Backup your WordPress to restore when you need for later use. Posting daily blogs? then you must Backup MySQL Database daily. Necessary folders must be backed up, when you edit your theme files. Be ready for any disaster for your website and make sure you have full backup ready anytime. Learn how to Backup WordPress Files […]

jquery tutorials wordpress

$ Instead of jQuery in WordPress – WP jQuery

While using MooTools or prototype ($) sign conflicts with jQuery library. For the sake of compatibility mode developers choose safe way and use jQuery instead of $ sign. jQuery provide compatibility mode by default to work safely like jQuery.noConflict() to avoid conflict errors. Learn how to use $ sign instead of  jQuery keyword in wordpress. […]

New Release WordPress 4.8 – Evans Release

A huge update from WordPress, The release WordPress 4.8 they named it “Evans”. The release has huge number of new updates and exciting features like Audio widget, Image widget, Video widget as well as updated Text widget. New release of WordPress can change your website to new level. New WordPress 4.8 release let you enhance […]

Audio Widget Wordpress Mp3 Music Player

Add Audio Widget in WordPress – How to

Adding Audio player in WordPress widget was never so easy before WordPress 4.8. From long time users was waiting for audio widget in WordPress. New enhanced audio widget helps you to upload audio from library. You can insert from URL. Learn how to add audio player in WordPress widget without coding. Users were waiting for […]

wp_Footer WordPress Action Hook – Action Reference

The WordPress action hook wp_footer executes near closing body tag. Usually developers bind their script files to footer hook action. Hook search for wp_footer() function integrated in theme and execute there. Learn how to use wordpress wp_footer action hook with examples. WP footer is an hook usually helps you to executes Scripts and Styles. Read […]

Website and Design

Serif vs San Serif fonts typography

Serif vs San Serif – Fonts Typography

Typography is the foundation of any good design choosing the wrong font can lead to bad impression to end user. Bad typography can push the audience away from reading the page. Two of the basic font category are the Serif and San Serif. Explanation of serif vs San serif in can makes you understand what […]

Google Fonts in HTML CSS

Add Google Fonts in HTML/CSS Tutorial – How to

Typography is the key element for any design. Choosing best web fonts is base element. Web fonts are easy to add helps you to save your hosting bandwidth. After using Googles fonts API you are going to love it. After reading this tutorial you will learn how to Add Google fonts to HTML/CSS. Beside content […]

Typewriter Effect – jQuery Typing Text

No further need to edit videos to show typing text effect. Forgot the past and create stunning Typewriter effect with jQuery library TYPED.JS. No need to code furthermore include, change the sentences and just enjoy the typing effect.

Horizontal Mega Drop Down Menu TwoClock

Horizontal Mega Drop-Down Menu – Microsoft Inspired

Make horizontal mega drop-down menu using HTML/CSS and JavaScript inspired by the Microsoft.com menu.

independent column scrolling bootstrap tutorials TwoClock

Independent Column Scrolling – Bootstrap Tutorial

Bootstrap Two Column scrolling with independent vertical scrolling capability. Make Bootstrap grids more capable to scrolling separately and vertically.

Google Penguin Officially Core Search Algorithm TwoClock

Google Penguin, Officially Part of Core Search Algorithm

Google Officially announce penguin as their core search algorithm.

Travel & Tourism

10 Dangerous Beautiful Places on Earth Twoclock

10 Dangerous Beautiful Places on Earth – Avoid to Visit

Most beautiful dangerous places on earth avoid to visit. There are most of the beautiful places having wonder of beauty but you avoid to visit as they have danger of life.

Things to Know Before you Travel to Any Country TwoClock

Things to Know Before Traveling Internationally

Want to make your journey and trying to enjoy the tour read full article on how to make your tour memorable. Two Clock has 6 things to make sure you can travel better then before.

Mistakes to Avoid Vacations Two clock

5 Mistake to Avoid While on Vacations / Trip

Mistakes to avoid to make your vacation memorable and have lots of fun. Have a wonderful vacation without any hassle to enjoy every minute of your holidays.

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan TwoClock

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur – Punjab, Pakistan

Tourism place in Pakistan reputed for Cholistan Desert Rally. Many tourist come and love to participate in Rally with Toyota, Nissan, Cars. Sponsor by Dew, Toyota and Pakwheels.

Schedule Online Appointment in Dubai Paksitan Embassy Twoclock

Schedule Online Appointment at Pakistan Embassy – UAE

How to book online appointment in Pakistan Embassy Dubai. Schedule online appointment in Dubai. Apply online visa in Dubai.

Hajj Umrah Traveling Arabic Learning twoclock

11 Arabic Words To Know while Traveling – Arabic Learning

Basic Arabic Learning helps you to talk with local peoples in their country. i.e Dubai, Kuwait, Oman etc. 11 Arabic Words you must familiar with to interact with gulf countries people.

Tips & How to

Play Multiple Videos Sequentially in VLC

VLC provide a huge playback support to play number of media files. VLC actually an open source software available for multiple operating systems. It has support for Mac, Windows and Linux with different support of opening a file.  One of my colleague ask how to play video sequentially in vlc. Learn how to play multiple […]

Gmail IMAP Settings – Google Mail

Other email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail, use IMAP settings of Gmail to read emails. What actually an IMAP do is you can use different devices to synchronize your email. All email will be perfectly synchronize realtime with messages and folder settings. The Gmail IMAP server settings for accessing incoming messages and online […]

Gmail POP3 Settings – Google Mail


Circle with Plus Sign Notification - Samsung Galaxy

Circle with Plus Sign Notification – Samsung Galaxy

Recent updates of Samsung galaxy displays circle with plus sign notification Android. Most of the times it cause panic to the users of android. Nougat updates includes the feature to controls your data usage of internet. Internet Data saved by circle plus notification icon, How to disable plus circle icon in Samsung Galaxy. Disable Circle […]

konica minolta bizhub c252 Factory Reset

Factory Reset Bizhub C252 – Konica Minolta BizHub Printer

Konica Minolta bizhub c252 having multiple functionalities from Print to scan. C252 bizhub included in the list of  network printers connected via LAN (no WiFi available). Main problem Minolta stuck on some points which need factory reset  bizhub c252 or hard reset. Printer has sort of reset technique which many of them don’t know about it. […]

Shoot One Handed Selfie iphone7 video Edit selfie Iphone

Edit a Selfie on iPhone 7 (Apple Video)

Apple, after release of iPhone 7 posted a series of video on camera shooting in iPhone. These videos full with fun on how to use camera features. We have recently share Shoot One Handed selfie with iPhone7.  Series contain twenty shoot videos with iPhone camera. Learn how to Edit a Selfie on iPhone 7 with […]


HB RIng Feel Heart beat husband

HB RING – Hear Loved One’s Heart Beat on Tap

Technology revolutionized and we have HB ring to listen the heartbeat of loved one.

Glassouse for Disable People TwoClock

Glassouse – Assistive Device for Disable People

Disable people can now operate computer, laptops, smart devices, TV and other equipment which can be operated via mouse or smart motions.

Sony Bluetooth Speakers NFC Microphone twoclock

Sony Speakers – NFC & Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Experience seamless playback with Sony speakers having NFC and Bluetooth features. Microphone added to enjoy audio calling.

Asus Zenwatch 3 Smart Watch TwoClock

Zenwatch 3 – ASUS Smart Watch

Zenwatch 3 by Asus - Smart watch

FlashTorch – Powerful Flash Light Starts Fire – Wicked Lasers

Wicket flash light with 4100 lumens can start fire or fry an egg for breakfast. Emergency helper for your tourism and camping in tough situations.

Roadside Barriers Technology - Avoid Roadside Accidents TwoClock

Roadside Barriers Technology – Avoid Roadside Accidents

Video Preview Available. Roadside barrier technology to save humanity. New type of barriers on the side of road to save accidental emergency.