SMTP Email using SWIFTMAILER – Hostgator

How to send email using swiftmailer with hostgator alternative to phpmailer which is not working fine. Use swiftmailer instead of phpMailer.

Get Image ID from Image URL – WordPress

Get Image ID from Image URL in wordpress. Get other image sizes by providing image URL. Get intermediate image sizes from image URL.

Image sizes in wordpress

Get All Image Sizes in WordPress – Intermediate image sizes

How to get additional image size in wordpress to develop your website proper without any disk usage. Learn how to remove additional image sizes in wordpress.

Powerful Passports in World

10 Powerful Passports in World for Tourism

Passports let you travel around the world but visa required. What if you don't need any visa, travel free to world without visa from your countries.

Change Font Size in Storefront Theme

How to Change Font Size in Storefront Theme

How to change the font sizes of different div's like Paragraph, Menu font size, Sidebar widget titles in woocommerce storefront theme with Styles CSS.

Delete Custom Fields Using phpMyAdmin

Delete meta data store in your database manually with phpMyAdmin. Cleanup your wordpress database from junk data and save space in MySQL database.

php artisan serve Laravel not working

PHP Artisan Serve Not Working – Laravel

Laravel latest build 5.4 throwing an error that specified key was too long. How to solve and run your local application development server of laravel using PHP.

update xampp to latest version php 7

Update XAMPP to Latest Version – PHP 7 in XAMPP

Update XAMPP to Latest Version without loosing your data. Backup your XAMPP and restore them without any data lose. upgrade xampp to PHP 7 and latest MySQL.


ip address mail tags contact form 7

User IP Address Contact Form 7 – WordPress Plugin

Get IP address in Contact form 7 with contact form shortcode. Measure traffic and contact form fillers with contact form 7 IP address & measure users traffic.

manually backup wordpress files database twoclock

Backup WordPress Files & Database – How to

WordPress need backup every week to save your customization & WordPress post. Learn how to backup WordPress files and WordPress database from PhpMyAdmin.

$ instead of jquery wordpress

$ Instead of jQuery in WordPress – WP jQuery

$ is not working in your WordPress? Try simple method and use $ instead of jQuery in wordpress theme. Enclose dollar sign in bracket of function in jQuery.

Wordpress Evans Release

New Release WordPress 4.8 – Evans Release

Now enjoy adding Audio widget, Image widget, Video widget as well as wordpress Evans release added rich text editor in Text widget. No code need of HTML/CSS.

Audio Widget WordPress

Add Audio Widget in WordPress – How to

WordPress Evans release have feature of adding MP3 widget. Now add HTML5 player to wordpress widget without coding. Customize your MP3 widget in WordPress.

wordpress ping optimizer plugin

Ping Optimizer WordPress Plugin – Spam Controller

updating & publishing a post ping automatically in wordpress. Stop being marked as spammer to those ping machines. Try ping optimizer to control post pings.

WordPress Ping List blog traffic twoclock

Update WordPress Ping List – Get Traffic to Blog

List of 50 ping websites, spread word about new published post. Send automatic updates to blog listing website & ping wordpress blog posts. WordPress ping list.

Custom CSS WordPress Admin

Add Custom CSS to Admin Area WordPress

How to write custom style CSS for WordPress admin area. Learn to control the styling hooks of admin WordPress. Most recommended way to enqueue admin styles. Best practice of admin styling.

Website and Design

Serif vs San Serif fonts typography

Serif vs San Serif – Fonts Typography

Add google fonts in your website and save your time. Customize your font & paste a single line of code. Now start using multiple variants of desired font.

add google fonts in html-css

Add Google Fonts in HTML/CSS Tutorial – How to

Add google fonts in your website and save your time. Customize your font & paste a single line of code. Now start using multiple variants of desired font.

text animation jquery, typewriter effect

Typewriter Effect – jQuery Typing Text

Create stunning typing effect with jQuery. No need to make GIF or videos for typewriter effect. Use a simple syntax and enjoy typing effect in Website.

Horizontal Mega Drop Down Menu TwoClock

Horizontal Mega Drop-Down Menu – Microsoft Inspired

Mega menu make room of navigation for your website users. Learn how to implement mega drop-down menu using HTML/CSS and jQuery inspired by Microsoft menu.

independent column scrolling bootstrap tutorials TwoClock

Independent Column Scrolling – Bootstrap Tutorial

Bootstrap Two Column scrolling with independent vertical scrolling capability. Make Bootstrap grids more capable to scrolling separately and vertically.

Google Penguin Officially Core Search Algorithm TwoClock

Google Penguin, Officially Part of Core Search Algorithm

Google Officially announce penguin as their core search algorithm.

Why Business Needs Professional Website TwoClock

Why Business Needs Professional Website – 8 Reasons

8 reasons how a website helps you gain credibility. Every business need website to attract customer. Website helps customer to approach at your door step.

Vertically Center Align Image inside div Twoclock

Vertically Center Align Image inside DIV – Responsive Alignment

Vertically center alignment of an element in a "div" needs attentions of CSS specially. Learn how to vertically center align an image inside with CSS.

Travel & Tourism

10 Dangerous Beautiful Places on Earth Twoclock

10 Dangerous Beautiful Places on Earth – Avoid to Visit

Most beautiful dangerous places on earth avoid to visit. There are most of the beautiful places having wonder of beauty but you avoid to visit as they have danger of life.

Things to Know Before you Travel to Any Country TwoClock

Things to Know Before Traveling Internationally

Going for tour and wants to enjoy whole journey? what is necessary for your tour to make it memorable. Read 6 tips to make your travel better then before.

Mistakes to Avoid Vacations Two clock

5 Mistake to Avoid While on Vacations / Trip

Mistakes to avoid to make your vacation memorable and have lots of fun. Have a wonderful vacation without any hassle to enjoy every minute of your holidays.

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan TwoClock

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur – Punjab, Pakistan

Visit Derawar fort well known emperors fort in Pakistan. Desert Rally is one of well known race at Derawar. Tourist love to participate and enjoy tourism.

Schedule Online Appointment in Dubai Paksitan Embassy Twoclock

Schedule Online Appointment at Pakistan Embassy – UAE

How to book online appointment in Pakistan Embassy Dubai. Schedule online appointment in Dubai. Apply online visa in Dubai.

Hajj Umrah Traveling Arabic Learning twoclock

11 Arabic Words To Know while Traveling – Arabic Learning

Traveling in gulf countries then basic Arabic Learning help you to talk with local peoples in their country. Get familiar with11 words makes your tour easy.

Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey TwoClock

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Wonderful tourist attraction of turkey is Sultan Ahmed Mosque usually known as Blue Mosque. A wonderful architecture of ottomons

Air Koryo World Worst Airline TwoClock

Air Koryo – Fly with World Worst Airline

Experience a travel in world best Airlines. What if you encountered with world worst airline ? Read the article on how Air Koryo considered a worst airline.

Tips & How to

Hear Mic through headphones

Hear Mic through Speakers Windows 7

Listen Live feedback of your voice while you're recording. 3 steps tutorials on how to turn on your mic voice and hear mic through your headphones in windows.

Multiple Videos Sequentially in VLC

Play Multiple Videos Sequentially in VLC

Files in VLC plays randomly by size, to play videos sequentially in VLC follow a 2 click step to play files in sequence. Learn how to Play music by order in VLC.

Circle with Plus Sign Notification - Samsung Galaxy

Circle with Plus Sign Notification (video)- Samsung Galaxy

Samsung galaxy update creates, (+) icon inside circle at top bar, which turn off your background data. Learn how to remove circle plus icon in Android mobile.

konica minolta bizhub c252 Factory Reset

Factory Reset Bizhub C252 – Konica Minolta BizHub Printer

Learn how to reset Konica Minolta bizhub c252 printer by pressing simple buttons. Resolve your own errors in Konica printers and made them work again.

Image editing in iphone 7

Edit a Selfie on iPhone 7 (Apple Video)

Apple iPhone releases videos on how to shoot selfie in iPhone7, edit them to apply different filters & crop them. compare to android apple releases new options.

One Handed Selfie in iphone apple

iPhone 7 – Shoot One Handed Selfie (Apple Video)

Shooting photos in android has many options including volume button shoot. Learn how to shoot one handed selfie in Apple iPhone 7 to speedup photography.

download youtube videos TwoClock

Download YouTube Videos in Mobile – Android & iPhone

Download YouTube videos without any software. Include SS before the word of YouTube. You will redirected to website click download to download the video. learn how to .

Fix Google Analytics Blank Screen

Google Analytics Blank Screen Fix – How to

How to remove the blank screen issue of the google analytic. Try disabling ad-blocker or try out the different solutions available. By reading full article, helps you in other aspects as well as increase knowledge.


HB RIng Feel Heart beat husband

HB RING – Hear Loved One’s Heart Beat on Tap

Technology revolutionized and we have HB ring to listen the heartbeat of loved one.

Glassouse for Disable People TwoClock

Glassouse – Assistive Device for Disable People

Disable people can now operate computer, laptops, smart devices, TV and other equipment which can be operated via mouse or smart motions.

Sony Bluetooth Speakers NFC Microphone twoclock

Sony Speakers – NFC & Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Experience seamless playback with Sony speakers having NFC and Bluetooth features. Microphone added to enjoy audio calling.

Asus Zenwatch 3 Smart Watch TwoClock

Zenwatch 3 – ASUS Smart Watch

Zenwatch 3 by Asus - Smart watch

starts fire with wicked flashlight

FlashTorch – Flash Light Starts Fire – Wicked Lasers

Wicket flash light with 4100 lumens can start fire or fry an egg for breakfast. Emergency helper for your tourism and camping in tough situations.

Roadside Barriers Technology - Avoid Roadside Accidents TwoClock

Roadside Barriers Technology – Avoid Roadside Accidents

Video Preview Available. Roadside barrier technology to save humanity. New type of barriers on the side of road to save accidental emergency.

The Palazzo Bunk Bed Furniture Interior TwoClock

Palazzo Bunk Bed System – Furniture & Interior

Palazzo bunk bed system allows you to equip your bed top space and you can convert it in two story bed. Save space in your room and have multi story bed.

Apple Watch 2-september 2016 TwoClock

APPLE WATCH 2 – Rumors of Apple Wearable Watch in 2016

Upcoming wearable gadget from Apple Gives higher resolution and OGS (one glass solution). Pricing is lower then older watch from Apple.